Wednesday, November 16, 2016

VIDEO: 5 Yr old Daughter Asks Daddy to Stay. Watch Heartbreaking Life Story of OFW


They say airports have witnessed more sad goodbyes and has seen more real tears than any other place in the world. And the saddest and most heartbreaking of it is to have a loved one depart to work abroad, and it isn't just for a year that they shall leave the country and their families but more than as what is stated on a contract they have signed. That's why a viral video of a little girl, aged five, begging and wailing for her daddy not to leave. Apparently, the father had to work abroad and his family escorted him towards the airport for his flight.

His little daughter is wailing so loud and dragging her father's legs while crying, uttering words such as, "Uban ko daddy! (Sama ako daddy!) [Let me come along!]" and when her mother would try to take her off, she would cry loudly even more saying she doesn't want to. Torn between laughing and crying because of their little kid, the daddy cannot simply continue into his flight because her daughter kept on chasing into her legs. She even begged for a kiss from her dad, and then she hugged her super tight, wanting not to let her daddy go. She even said, "Dili mo ako love! (Di mo ako love!)

[You don't love me!]" As she kept om trying to let her father stay. It was indeed a saddening scene to watch because it is very difficult for both parties to part from each other and working abroa for a long time, with  a promise of a better life for the family, takes its toll on having to be homesick and missing their families out so much in order to provide their needs. Downside of this is that the kids are still young. Yes, they may need financial assistance for their education but as parents, material things comes second after love and care. Obviously that this little girl is really attached to her daddy that she didn't want to let her go, but they're seems to have no choice either. Afterall, parents will always do what's best for their family no matter how difficult it is for their part.