Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Team Jolai Update : Jon Gutierrez and Jelai Andres Spotted Together Again


Few weeks ago, it was reported that the online love team of Jon and Jelai was going rough due to a third party which rooted from Jon’s alleged infidelity. Now, the two was spotted doing kulitan together in private. Watch the following video and see for yourself.

In the video shared by the facebook page of Yassi Pressman, Jon and Jelai were sitting on one chair next to a Christmas tree while doing some kulitan. The two seemed had finally fixed the problem in their relationship. It can be remembered Jon was the first one to do the move by courting again Jelai after the news broke that he was having an affair with R-breezy model Toni Fowler.

Few weeks after the reconciliation, now, the two seemed to be doing fine and building up again their trust to each other. At this stage, they can already share some laughter and even a small seat, as seen in the video.

Going through the comments, the reactions of their fans and the netizens varied. Some were very happy to see the two together again while some are not in favor with Jelai’s decision of forgiving Jon because as most believe, forgiving a person from his or her infidelity is like giving that person a license to do again the act.

The following video was uploaded on November 24 and has now gained and approaching 2 million views.
What can you say about the relationship status of Team Jolai?


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