Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Talented Young " DUNKIN DONUT BOY " Viral In Social Because of His Angelic Voice


A netizen in Facebook posted videos of a young boy to which she did not expect having such beautiful voice. Magica Pearl Sison Revicente, the Facebook name of the one who uploaded the post, said that she went supposedly to Dunkin' Donuts not because she was to eat, but rather to pickup an order (possibly a meetup transaction) when she was suddenly surprised when a young boy, in quite a rugged condition, entered the store and sat on one corner.

According to the staffs, he was not in DD to ask for alms or he just used to go there every now and then. Not like the usual street kids who would beg and sometimes annoy customers on a food stall, the kid was asked to render a song for the customers inside DD.

Thinking it was just another kid who would sing chappy Christmas songs as if caroling, this kid belted out effortlessly the song "Secret Love" and to be honest, and even according to the netizens who watched the video, his voice is really good! And he sung high-pitched notes without struggling. And not just that, after he sung his first song, he sung another challenging high-noted song "Power of Love"! Talk about real talent here! He knows how to sing while giving his listeners goosebumps, and not just that, he belted out all those high notes while sitting only.

Viewers commented wonderful remarks in Facebook and the kid indeed received his first army of fans who will support him on his run. This kid could possibly have a future in the recording industry. Singing while sitting is not easy, even some professional singers admit this. And this kid, he did all of that while sitting and he did that EFFORTLESS.


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