Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SHOCKING : Vendor Urinates on Fruits Before Selling Caught On Camera


A man was caught on cam and was recorded and posted in the internet lately where he was supposedly peeing on the fruits on a market stall. The act of this man from China was shocking and disturbing that no one really bothered to stop him from peeing on the fruits.

The man apparently stopped by a fruit stall along the streets and then suddenly unzipped his pants and without prior notice or public discretion, he started peeing on the fruits without caring about the people who would be watching or seeing his genitals as he do this disturbing public act. He actually urinated upon the apples and oranges that lay on the crates in front of him. Due to the shock of the witnesses, only one among them stopped him from doing that but the Chinese man did not hinder into the other man’s scolding that he just continued “watering the fruits” with his urine without being interrupted. Surprisingly, on the video, the man did pee on the fruits for a length of about a minute and 40 seconds without delay and interruption. He just continued on his business as if it was a normal thing to do in public.

When asked why he do pee on the fruits it is because it is his way, according to him, to maintain and preserve the “freshness and cleanliness” of the fruits, which ironically for us, could have just been water sprinkled atop of it except, err, urine. Because who would be eating their fruits “freshly” watered with urine from a random guy on the streets right? Because we don’t know, we cannot really assure it is “clean” as what he claims but who knows, he might be enjoying a crispy apple bite drizzled and seasoned with urine… because why not? Of course it is absolutely disgusting, but hey, this man might have a “very special” diet.

To add to that, there had not been reports whether the man has been sued for the disturbing public exhibition of grossness.



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