Sunday, November 13, 2016

SHOCKING : Pregnant Snake Cut in Two , Villagers Discover Several Eggs


Locals in Nigeria were puzzled as to where their livestock are going until they found out a gigantic snake lurking in their village.

Suspecting that the gigantic swollen snake had turned a calf to its meal, villagers caught the gigantic snake killed and cut open it to confirm their suspicion about a lost calf. Surprisingly, after they cut open the body of the snake, instead of a calf, they discovered dozen of eggs same size as a tennis ball. The snake was actually pregnant and not full by its last meal.

Since unhatched snake eggs are considered as rare delicacy in Nigeria, the locals just feasted the snake eggs after gathering all of them.

There were no details about the breed of the captured snake but through inspection, it can be concluded that the gigantic snake was an anaconda based on its size which was about a foot wide and several meters long. Moreover, it is believed that many types of snakes can produce dozens of eggs at a time.

The pregnant snake gained sympathy online for experiencing a gruesome death in the hands of the humans while some felt at ease knowing that the snake can no longer lay her babies anymore because it would be much dangerous to the humankind, if the dozens of eggs will hatch and become predators. 

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