Saturday, November 19, 2016

SHOCKING : 500 Peso Bill Found in A Dog Poop


Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend but don’t be surprised because sometimes they can be also a great source of wealth. Unbelievable, right? Believe it or not, one dog owner has found a 500-peso bill in his dog’s poop. Scroll down to see the proof!

As mentioned, dogs can be a source of income in some ways such as joining them in a dog contest or through breeding but this story of a dog pooping a bill is beyond ordinary. Maybe, we can now counter the saying, “Hindi ako nagtatae ng pera.” Because this event has proven that one can poop money.

The caption of this photo say that the owner found a 500-peso bill as he was cleaning his dog’s poop. The owner didn’t go into details as to how the 500-peso bill went into the dog’s poop. If you ask us, we suspect that there was a time when his dog swallowed a 500-peso bill somewhere else and was not able to digest it. That’s why, it came out safe and whole with his poop.

Well, we can say that his dog does know how to identify what’s valuable or not in terms of shallowing the ‘right’ amount of bill.

Anyway, as a dog lover, we felt at ease knowing that the bill had already came out from the dog’s body because it might harm the dog in other ways like it might pierce the walls of the dog’s stomach or something.

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