Sunday, November 6, 2016

Senator Manny Paquiao Donates Half of His Income in Boxing to the Less Fortunate


Senator / PBA Coach and Player / Pastor / Boxing Legend Manny "Pacman " Pacquiao loves to give rather than to receive.

According to our sources, Manny Pacquiao always give his  50 percent of his income to the less fortunate.

"Every income I receive in boxing, almost half of it goes to the less fortunate," Pacquiao said. "After each fight, half of my income goes to the poor, But I don't like to announce it." added by the senator.

Reports said that the boxing living legend had already donated 200 million dollars on projects that helps the less fortunate in the country.

Pacquiao already build 1,500 homes in Mindanao and gave new boats for fisherman in coastal community.

Manny Pacquiao  also said that he needs to keep fighting so that he can continue his charity works.

source: Pacquiao donates almost half of his income to the poor


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