Friday, November 18, 2016

Remember the Cheating Penguin , Well Here Is A Cat Version


Apparently not only humans experience deep heartbreak and sadness when their partner cheats on them. And when we think that there is no other creature in this world who would be as broken-hearted as you when that special someone walks out of your life, think again because this cat will make you realize that he is just more broken as you. This husband cat has drawn the attention of the world when the pictures of him and his cat wife were posted by 9GAG and garnered a lot of heartfelt cries and relatable thoughts by hooomans out there.

Their pictures seemed very happy together, the couple cats even enjoys walking together in the streets (with matching PDA---Public Display of Affection), the cat wife rubbing her head on her husband's neck, they even kiss in public and share a hug! These two lovely cat couple is so adorable but the stars fell from the heavens when something terrible and heartbreaking happened:


The husband cat caught her adorable, and "loving" wife making love with some other cat! And what's worst? They did it in front of him! The poor cat just watched in pain as he saw his wife having sex with some other cat. The poor cat walked away, forced to wear a green hat (according to Chinese idioms, wearing a green hat is when your husband or wife has cheated on you) and saddled in one corner with his face frowning. The world sympathize with the poor cat and wished her wife would be punished for what she did.

And so when you think that it is the end of the world when someone you love cheats on you with some other man/woman, just think about this poor kitty and you will realize you are not alone in this world. This cat may not be human to express how he feels, but you don't have a heart when you are not torn to pieces by this sad, cat love story.


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