Monday, November 7, 2016

Rayver Cruz Bro-Zoned By Maja Salvador . Ouccchhh


Maja Salvador and Rayver Cruz were invited on Vice Ganda’s late night show Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV) and the two were intrigued on their current relationship status: Who is Rayver into Maja’s life? Maja bravely talks about their status whether they were friends or more than that. Vice digs deep into the two and knew something really sad about the duo’s affiliation.

Apparently, Maja has been really vulgar about her past relationships and controversies she had acquainted into and Vice talks about how Rayver and she has been doing since they share an awfully well chemistry on the dancefloor (a.k.a. sizzling hot!). But Maja immediately bluffs the idea that there isn’t really something going on with the two of them. Rayver was apparently “bro-zoned” by Maja, saying: “Hindi naman nya talaga sinubukan [He never really tried at all].” And she also adds that she and Rayver were no more than like siblings to each other. Maja also adds that Rayver doesn’t really seem to stand a chance which Rayver blurts off: “Yung mga kaibigan ko yun yung nagugustuhan nya eh [All of my friends were the ones she always love to caught off with],” which Vice Ganda jokes about, “Ah so ikaw never ka nagustuhan? [Ah, so you were never been liked at all (by Maja)].” The two just laughed it off and shared about how it is difficult to share the same circle of friends and all of Rayver’s friends had been Maja’s ex-boyfriends.

Maja explained though that Rayver is more like a brother to her, and she said: “Siya kasi yung tipo ng mga tao na ayoko mawala. [He is that kind of person you don’t want to risk losing.]” and apparently, Rayver was too dear for her to lose unlike those topsy-turvy past relationships she has been into.


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