Sunday, November 27, 2016

PANO MO MALALAMAN MAY KABIT ANG ASAWA MO : Sunshine Dizon's " HUGOT " For Her Upcoming Teleserye


A very interesting show is brewing on the Kapuso Network (GMA 7) wherein Sunshine Dizon stars as Emma, in Ika-Anim na Utos, who is a wife who has been cheated on with his husband for someone who had more physical advantages  than her (slim body, youthful glow, and appeal). Ryza Cenon plays the role of the “other woman” who Gabby Concepcion, plays as the husband of Emma, cheated on with. What made the show utterly exciting as it seemed like a perfect representation and portrayal of what happened to Sunshine’s marriage life. For we all know, back then, Sunshine came from a failed marriage with ex-husband Timothy Tan who apparently cheated on him with the woman who lived next door named Clarisma Sison. Sunshine sued the two with Concubinage into the fiscal office of Quezon City and has been attending hearings to make them pay for the damage and wreckage they have caused into the family of Sunshine, who was left with the custody of their children.

On a promotional interview with Sunshine Dizon by the GMA Network, she was asked profoundly with questions that stirred up her pent-up emotions of the past.

“Pano mo nalamang may kabit ang asawa mo? [How did you discovered your husband’s infidelity?]” the interviewer asked.

Sunshine, answered the question as if it was coming from her own experience. “Yung kukutuban ka nalang bigla, tas magugulat ka nalang makakakita ka ng text, ebidensya. Mga ganong bagay. Pero isang gabi, makikita mo nalang, andun na sa harap mismo ng mga mata mo yung kababuyan nila. [You’ll get that “feeling”, then you’ll just be surprised you’d be seeing text messages, evidences. Things like that. But one night, you’d just see right in your very eyes, the dirty things they’d be doing behind your back.”]

“Anong naramdaman mo noong nahuli mo sila? [What did you feel when you caught them red-handed?]”


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