Friday, November 25, 2016

Nadine Lustre Singing Off the Cam Trending in the Internet


Lots of Nadine Lustre haters smothers on her face that she is not beautiful enough or is not talented enough to compare to other female leading-ladies, the Teen Queen, per se. Many compare the JaDine to KathNiel who always leaves their fans quarrelling and raising red flags on one another as if the beginning of the world war III. Bashers never get to spread enough hate and trouble against Nadine's supporters and right now, right here, she busts her haters by singing "I'm So Into You" with her raw voice while her hair being donned by her hairstylist. And this time, those haters gonna hatez hate, hate!

Nadine unleashes her angelic, acapella voice who people always claim to be auto-tuned or reverbed to sound pleasing on the final recording, but turns out, Nadz did not need any of your voice-tuning softwares because let's face it, this girl has some talent! And her bashers would now likely to shut up because not a nice word would probably come out of their mouths because Nadz literally ditched them with their own hatred and insecurities. Nadine's fans were fighting over those people who kept comparing her to "The Queen", saying that their queen cannot even crack a single note without auto-tune because she can't sing, unlike Nadz, as they say, this girl can slay!

Sometimes it's not always who "does it better" or someone who "wore it nicer" or "looked better" at some point. Some fanbases cannot simply understand the logic that their idols had different talents and talents aren't a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. If stars weren't really fighting or competiting with one another in real-life, let them be and don't spark war and hatred to them. A true fan does not steal a crown from anyone's head to place it into the head of their idols, instead, they may need to understand that each crown is different from one another, and that everyone has their own crowns wearing atop their heads and there is no need to compare which is which and who is who.


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