Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Meat Vendor in China Sells Rat's Meat as Chicken Caught On Camera


If you’re fond eating Chinese dimsum especially the ones that are chicken in flavour, this news will make you cringe and think twice before purchasing your favourite dimsum products. Watch the following video to know what we are talking about.

In China, some Chinese vendors were charged of disguising chicken and mutton meat with rat and fox meat. During one of the raids done by authorities, thousands of kilos of rat and fox meat were discovered in some warehouses. These fake meats were reportedly hunted in farms and sometimes cultured where capitalists gain millions of dollars as profit.

This issue started to surface in the international scene due to trade particularly, when  these products were seized in the San Francisco in USA. It is believed that 300,000 kilos of fox and rate meat are now circulating US.

In a report done by BBC, 900 people were already arrested for selling fake meat. Other than this, there were also cases filed against local businessmen due to improper food handling such as soaking chicken feet in hydrogen peroxide and selling contaminated baby formula resulting to hundreds of deaths among the children.

As for the Philippines, there were still no reports that fake meats have reached our country but authorities warned the citizens to be more vigilant and picky when it come to purchasing this kind of products.

If you’re in doubt with the meat that you’re buying, better not risk the health of your family and scrap it off from your grocery.


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