Thursday, November 3, 2016

Long Distance Relationship Story : Boyfriend Was Shocked After Surprising His Girlfriend


Love knows no distance. A relationship that is separated by numbers of sea and thousands of miles is tested by a lot of challenges along the way but take this couple differently. Watch this short film and believe that forever exists.

This short film by MOTIhub hits a million views in less than a week after it was posted. What made this film gain a million audience?

Our advertisement is now catching up with the trend spearheaded by our neighbouring countries. Thailand’s TV ads became known not only because of the product or service that they’re endorsing but also the short film created to endorse the brand.

In this Filipino shirt film advertisement, a couple maintained their relationship despite they’re separated by thousands of miles from each other. The man decided to work abroad to save for his and his girlfriend’s future.

Through MOTIhub, the guy sends gifts to his girlfriend and her mother. They Skype and never misses to express their love and longing for each other every day.

The conflict of the story started to build up one time when the girl signed her name at the wrong box printed on the delivery receipt of a gift coming from her boyfriend and as the story moves on, tragedy escalated.

One day, the guy came home to surprise his girlfriend but ended up being more surprised upon knowing the condition of his girlfriend -- she got blind because of an accident.   
How will the story end? Would it end more tragic?


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