Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kendal Jenner Goes With the Fans


Reality star and model Kendal Jenner was with a friend going to her most favorite frozen yoghurt establishment. The international model was wearing a revealing white top that has a huge cut extending down to the mid section of her body.

Since anything that has something to do with the Kardashians is a big scoop, paparazzi made the best out of the opportunity to come up with photos at least exposing a bit of her skin. From her first destination before reaching the frozen yoghurt restaurant up to the establishment itself, paparazzi followed her until they got the shot they want.

As she was walking, there were few times that her top failed to stay in its place to cover her private although Kendal tried some time to secure it by holding it in place. Her side view shots particularly exposed a little part of her private.

Apart from the wardrobe malfunction, Kendal’s down-to-earth personality was also revealed because every time fans approached her she gave time to pose with them for a selfie which nowadays quite uncommon to Hollywood celebrities at her age.

At the end of the day, both parties got what they want. Kendal and her friend got their frozen yoghurt while the paparazzi got their biggest scoop of the day.

This was not the first time that the 19-year-old model and reality star was photographed exposing her breasts. There were multiple times Kendal went out to public wearing very thin clothes.


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