Sunday, November 13, 2016

Jose Manalo Cries Live On TV after Knowing His Friend Passed Away


On yesterday's episode of the all-time favorite noontime TV show, EAT BULAGA, the gag trio, Paolo Ballesteros, Wally Bayola  and Jose Manalo was all-present during yesterday's segment of "All For Juan, Juan For All" where they would visit the winner into their house and present all the gifts and prizes they would be receiving. So apparently, on rare cases, this episode was of rather importance than an other episodes becaude knowing the nature of work and masks they wore on TV shows to be delivering fun and laughter to viewers, and the joke initiator Jose Manalo, happened to show some deep emotions and sadness upon knowing a shocking news.

The trio went to the house of the winner somewhere in Tondo, Manila-- a housemaid for almost 20 years working to the family she started off since 16 years old. After small talks and chit-chats about their experiences, the winner happened to mention something to Jose, which triggered for him to wear his mask off and shed some tears after knowing that the winner happen to know an old friend of Jose, named Rodel. Jose suddenly felt sad and remembered how Rodel and his family had been very good to him when he stowed away. The winner had mentioned that Rodel had already passed away and that is something Jose never knew or heard about. He told everyone that Rodel is very good to him as a friend and had a heart of gold. He called out to Rodel's mother and apologized that he hadn't visited the wake of her son because the news never reach into him, he mentioned that he owe almost a lot to Rodel and the soonest time possible, he will come and visit them in the province.

The video that has been posted on Facebook gathered almost 50K likes and shares that the netizens commented and saw that Jose is a genuine person regardless of the fame he has attained, he never forgets to look back from where he begun and to the people who had helped him go through his life. Jose may seem to be an all-around happy person, but like any other comedian out there, he wears a mask of a happy face but behind it hides a heart of weariness and sadness, sending deep condolences to a dear, old friend who passed away.


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