Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gulay Girl Extreme Make Over . Wow! She Looks Like Liza Soberano


Trending right now is this girl from Olongapo City who is said to look like the one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz, Liza Soberano. The girl was spotted to be an ordinary vegetable vendor selling along the streets in Olongapo and was photographed and later on went viral on Facebook. The girl, named Marian, was featured on Rated K recently, a show by Korina Sanchez-Roxas.

Marian, a regular 14-year-old vegetable vendor, had her life changed with just a click of a mouse. She was found on a remote area, where she lived atop a mountain on a small, tattered nipa hut. Marian lived together with her parents, and was the eldest among 6 children. Having not capable of living a princess life due to their impoverished state, her beauty was of royalty and purity as if not living on such difficult state. Her father crosses the rivers to fetch gabi leaves and grows sweet potatoes on their yard for them to sell for a living. Marian, sometimes with her younger sibling or her mother, would go down the mountain and into the town to vend their crops. Having not able to afford education, Marian is still studying on 4th grade after stopping for 3 years to help her family to work.

When asked what does she feel when people say she is beautiful, she smiled sweetly and said that she felt very happy about it. She also firmly believed that she looked like Liza Soberano after many claimed their resemblance. She was also asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she happily answered that she wanted to be a star, a chef, and a makeup artist. But atop all that, she really aspires to be a star and a part of the show business. She wanted to do so because she wanted to alleviate their state of living and that she really hopes that a showbiz opportunity would soon knock on her door.


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