Saturday, November 26, 2016

Farmer Discovered A Large Dinosaur Egg in His Backyard. What It really Was Will Shock You


Been a pit of joke and laughingstock among his friends and even of some of his famiy members when he told about it, Jose Antonio Nievas, the farmer, turns out that his discovery is no joke when paleontologists examined the huge round object on a rock along the banks of the river. Thinking it was a fossil of a "dinosaur egg" and could have been that of a T-Rex, they were excited about it and became more curious only to find out that it was far more amazing to know what it was.

Jose Antonio found the "egg" on his farm on the river, about 25 miles away from Buenos Aires in Argentina. When he told his friends about his discovery and what it could have been really, he had just been subjected to laughs and jokes so he took them to thr river to see for themselves. They had it digged out from the rock that is covering it and saw that Jose Antonio was talking about. Laughter quieted out into curiosity when the gigantic "egg" stood right before them, halfway submerged into the water. Experts on this field of science were called to examine and verify and turned out it wasn't actually a dinosaur egg but rather a fossilized shell of an ancient ancestor of the modern Armadillo, an animal that is covered with an armor of shells, called Glyptodont. The "egg" was a well-preserved fossil shell of a Glyptodont and it was in fact, a young one still, and it was believed to be dated for over 10,000 years of age perfectly preserved on a river!

The modern day Armadillos, for we all know, grew for about 1.5 meters in full size, their ancestors grew for about a staggering humongous size of 3 meters! It was indeed more wonderful if he had found a full-grown Glyptodont fossil but this youngster was already amazing to discover. The massive black egg that he found on his farm was a great find and scientists are hoping he'd discover more fossils on his yard.