Monday, November 28, 2016

Baron Geisler Urinates His Co Actor Ping Medina


Rage was indescribable after Ping Medina calls out Baron Geisler’s unprofessionalism on the set of their upcoming indie film. Ping was all blacked-out in rage and wanting to wreck Baron’s face with his knuckles after the latter actor’s unprofessional act on the set to which on certain scene on their shooting, Baron apparently urinated Ping on his whole body after being lied down on the floor helpless as this was a scene shot where Ping’s character shall be killed any moment.

The whole story was posted on Facebook, wherein Ping Medina straightforwardly told the entire story where it all began and how all of a sudden the actor [Baron Geisler] gone haywire and out lying about him being “sober for five days”. Ping even wanted to give Baron a millionth chance to still be a part of any career call in show-business and told that this chance is a one-time-big-time project [and not to mention a chance] and if he messes up, he’s done. Ping reinstates that however irritated he has become of Baron and out of all his notorious acts on his previous projects like his issues on Yasmin Kurdi and Ms. Cherry Pie Picache, he must have admitted that for a while, he had trusted Baron and his “change is coming, change is here” reform to himself. But Ping had reservations regarding Baron and he cannot simply erase that notion that Baron is not yet done with his vices, and for whatever reason, he had trusted Baron for having said that he has been “sober” for five days, but Ping had never indeed see things coming and he had been thinking that for whatever reason he might or might not know, Baron has been exhibiting improvement on the way he socialize [Ping claims he had talked to Baron with apparent sense] and said that he had already quitted drinking and whatever drug he might be taking Ping did not know about [if there would have been any], but all Ping saw is that Baron has been unusually calm and the latter actor had even promised the director of the indie film to be acting professionally and is even proud of that he had been sober for five days already. This is for the fact that Baron had been coming to the set being tipsy or heavily intoxicated with alcohol that the scent reeks out from his very skin and he cannot even execute his lines very well.

But everything has changed when Ping caught Baron one night lying about him being hungry at a very unusual time of the night, wherein he [Baron] even woke his girlfriend up to “buy something” outside and went back carrying four bottles of an alcoholic drink and that shattered Ping’s notion of Baron having been able to change himself after lying he has already quitted being an alcoholic. And one time they had this scene wherein Ping has been internalizing his character while being taped all around his body and his mouth being taped close as well as this was similar to the EJK [extra-judicial killings] phenomenon right now. Not being able to move and being in complete character preparing himself for his apparent death, Baron approached him to whisper on his ear, “May gagawin ako sa ‘yo pre ha. Wag ka sana magagalit.” And Ping felt an indescribable anxiety on his mind as he was being carried like a huge lump of garbage after being taped all around. The scene began when they dumped Ping on the ground, in tears, Baron entered the scene and recited a few impromptu lines and his scent reeking of alcohol. Ping’s eyes have been filled with tears as his character calls out for it that he cannot see clearly as it was already dark and his eyes are watery. He saw Baron’s figure walk right towards him and started unzipping his pants. Ping wanted to scream so bad but he tried to stay in character. He described what he saw seemed like a pink finger and then suddenly he had just felt something warm and wet going down his body and he even said the lucky for him his mouth is taped and no matter how infuriated he was, he finished the scene. After the director cut out the scene, they immediately ripped and freed Ping from being taped around. Ping immediately asked out if the pee is fake or not, Baron insisted for it being fake, but Ping knew something rather to be true. He wanted so bad to beat the hell out of Baron but he knew better.

Ping now reminds every single ear and eye on the show business to NEVER cast Baron ever again, but if one wants to play with fire, proceed to Baron with caution. He even said that you want someone to mess around with the set with unprofessional behavior, Baron would be the perfect person.


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