Friday, November 11, 2016



Winning the sweet ‘yes’ of the girl of your dreams or being in a relationship with your dream man doesn’t just end there because the biggest challenge is yet to come.

This short film by Marcelo Santos III details what’s really happening between the start and the end of relation. So, if you’re at this stage, better watch this short film.

Admittedly, the budding of an intimacy is one of the best stages in a relationship because this is the time when you can feel that you’re the luckiest human being in the world because you’re with someone whom you picture the next years or decades of your life with. However, as time goes by, this intimacy would reach its threshold until you notice some aspects that would make you think twice why you’re in that place and to name this aspect – timing.

In this short film, a couple started to lose the fire in their relationship due to some instances that their timing was not right. This aspect is not as complicated as you may think. As seen in some of the scenes in the short film, the not-so perfect timing often happens when important priorities come in our life such as our studies and time with our friends.

When one or both of you can’t cope up with this challenge, in the end both of you will just choose to part ways and just hope in the future, destiny would again find its way to unite both of you when everything is settled.


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