Monday, November 28, 2016

Baby Dies After Mom Applied this Common Remedy


Before we head to physicians, we try to treat our illness first with home remedies because sometimes simple illness such as cold and fever can be treated at home. However, a mother from Mexico regretted for not heading her child to the hospital because she was confident that the home remedy that she used to practice would be enough to make her child feel better.

A Mexican mother shared her story online to warn mothers with the usual remedy that most moms practice at home for cold and fever.

We grew up taking home remedies first before going to doctors every time we feel ill and the most common home remedies of all is using topical ointment to ease our pain and to help us breath better when we have colds. This common remedy became the cause of death of a two-year-old child in Mexico.

The nightmare started when the mother of the 2-year-old child went home from work and discovered that her child had a high fever. As a remedy, she rubbed topical ointment particularly Vicks Vaporub on her child’s chest, back and under his nose to make him feel more comfortable. Due to a long day from work, she fell asleep next to her baby and by the time she woke up, her baby didn’t show any signs of life.

The 2-year-old child was rushed to the hospital and was later declared dead by the doctors. In the child’s medical certificate, it was reported that the child died due to respiratory track inflammation caused by the camphor content from the topical ointment that she applied to her child.
Unfortunately, the mother was not able to file a case against Vicks Vaporub because it was stated on their packaging that the usage of ointment is restricted from children ages 3 and below.


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