Sunday, November 13, 2016

Baby Came Back To Life After a Miracle , Caught in Camera


The story of a doctor who was about to quit her job but a certain encounter made her change her mind. Know the inspiring story behind it here.

Dr. Drolah Sanchez went to Facebook to share her most unforgettable experience yet during her duty in a public hospital in Batangas.

In her post, she shared her difficult experience serving in a public hospital wherein she goes on duty for 48-hours and being at her most flexible state because most of the time she’s the only attending doctor in the entire hospital. Her health and lifestyle were being compromised because of her job which left her to have no choice but to quit being a public servant.

Dr. Sanchez was already on the bridge of quitting until one encounter made her change her mind. A pregnant woman who was about to give birth came to the hospital. Despite being exhausted from her whole day work without taking a proper meal, she attended to the patient.

To doctor’s surprise, the child inside the womb of her patient was already dead due to some complications. Although she was very sure that the unborn child was already lifeless, she still did her best to get the child out safely from the mother’s womb and told the mother the sad news.
Despite knowing that the child was already dead, the doctor tried the last resort – to pray.  She prayed to mother Theresa who recently was canonized as saint:

"Mother Teresa, matagal na akong nag dadasal sayo, pag hindi na po nabuhay ang bata na ito mag reresign na po ako. Dahil hindi ko po kayang gampanan ang lahat ng trabaho ko sa hospital na ito.”
Then she performed CPR to the baby and few minutes later, the baby came back to life.
From that day, Dr. Sanchez realized the importance of continuing with her job – to be an instrument to save people’s lives.


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