Tuesday, November 15, 2016

20 Ft HugeHungry Snake Appears in Ceiling of A Restaurant


Usually, people come to restaurants to unwind and replenish from a very long day. The experience would such be a very unforgettable one when something bizarre happened, as you enjoy a nice meal with someone or with yourself alone. What could be more unforgettable when you find out that something deadly and colossal is lurking somewhere inside your favourite restaurant?

A 20ft-long snake was caught hiding inside the ceiling of a restaurant probably in Hong Kong as suggested by the language spoken by the people in the background.
One person can be heard speaking in Cantonese saying, “Look how big it is!”

The enormous snake which was believed to be a phyton shocked the diners as it was about to dislodge itself from the ceiling.

The shared video showed the later part of the incident wherein fire fighters already controlled the situation. To prevent the build up of terror among the diners, the fire fighters decided to remove the colossal snake from the roof by carefully using a metal hook to grab its head. Then, with enough force, the snake was dragged down exposing its enormous body.

This kind of incident is no longer new nowadays. Last time, we also shared a bizaare story wherein a snake also made its way out from a toilet and bit the person who was using the comfort room.
To end this, we would like to make you think this question, what’s the reason why animals start to vacate their habitat and live with us?


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