Friday, October 14, 2016

VIDEO : Ylona Garcia Does Make Up Challenge To Bailey


PBB’s one of the most famous love team that sprung from one of their teen edition series, BayLona owns again the spotlight when they were featured on Preview Ph’s YouTube channel where the young loveteam played quirky challenges like the so-called “girl puts makeup on guy” challenge. After doing the challenge where Bailey May, does Ylona Garcia’s hair and went horribly wrong that Preview decided that she should take revenge! And revenge she does! Ylona is now to put makeup on Bailey and it was really adorable!

    The two were so cute as Ylona puts makeup on Bailey, and the mere fact that they have this kind of “more-than-friends-but-less-than-lovers” vibe, and not to mention when she was doing his eyeliner (and yes, the eyeliner wing is on fleek and higher than your grades!), she called Bailey, “Baby”. Does this mean something we should know about their relationship? And another thing, they really had this chemistry in them! We love how Bailey always try to get a glimpse of Ylona, and even when Ylona fools around in doing his makeup (talk about brushing your eyebrows backwards, we would definitely go nuts about doing our eyebrows wrong!) he does not complain at all, except when Ylona accidentally poked Bailey’s eyes, that is one time he reacted. It was also fun to hear when Bailey said, “Do my lips like Kylie Jenner,” and Ylona responded, “Yes!”, and when he saw his face in the mirror, he was shocked and pointed out that his lips was unbelievably thick; Ylona said, “What? You said you want it like Kylie Jenner!” she laughed.

    Ylona dubbed the look, “The Revenge Look” for the fact that Bailey did her hair incredibly horrible and braided it like an unfinished square-knot. Nevertheless, she still commended sarcastically the “great job” he did and said that it was nice afterall.

    Bailey, looking adorably cute and pretty (yes, we hope he was a girl!), said at the end of the video: “This is unforgivable.”

    We couldn’t deny how adorable this young couple is! We can’t surely wait for their movie projects or TV series projects that will soon come in the future! BAY-LONA ALL THE WAY!


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