Sunday, October 23, 2016

Video of Kim DOmingo " ANG BASTOS " Still Viral in Social Media. 2.5 Million Views


"ANG BASTOS" Video of Kim Domingo Goes Viral

It’s a given fact that the Filipino gag show is one of the longest running shows in the local TV and as time flies, “Bubble Gang” still remained unbeatable because of the show’s spot on jokes and segments. Just recently, the gag show introduced new faces including the online sensation Kim Domingo. Hit the play button to witness the most-watched segment of “Bubble Gang” that garnered more than 1 million views online.

The segment “Ang Bastos” of “Bubble Gang” where Kim Domingo was casted drew a lot of attention to male netizens. Because Kim Domingo is the new “Pantasya ng Bayan”, it’s not surprising that this segment hit to a lot of viewers.

Kim Domingo ang bastos video

The segment might sound a little bit rated SPG still it didn’t fail to catch the ‘kiliti’ of its audience. Although Kim Domingo has a very sexy image, the segment focused on the playful side at the same time feeding the audience with a ‘nice’ view of Kim Domingo wearing a red mini dress exposing her assets – her curves and flawlessly white skin.

Just to give you a bit of glimpse about the trending segment, everything took place in an office setting where Kim Domingo worked as a secretary and because of her sexy image her male officemates as well as her boss can’t help but stare at her while she’s doing some office tasks.
As of this writing, this “Bubble Gang” segment has reached more than 2 million views and counting.


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