Sunday, October 2, 2016

VIDEO: He Saw Two Senior Citizens, What This Motorcycle Rider Did Next Will Make Your Heart Melt


Quite an unlikely scenario nowadays that people, young and middle-aged alike, would show proper respect and care towards elderly people while on the road, or in the malls or streets or even the local marketplace. Less attention is likely to be given to the senior citizens when it comes to assisting them or helping them and we all know for once that it is a fact. Apparently, not everyone has been programmed to be slaves of the current system, there are still some who shows care and affection to the senile members of the community, although their number is massively decreasing, at least there are still "some". One of them was a motorcycle rider who was driving down the highway when he came to notice two elderly people, probably a couple, who is having a hard time walking down the road, which imposed a danger of getting hit by vehicles running across.

Mounted with a GoPro camera on his helmet, it recorder everything what the rider has encountered. The old man was helping an old woman walk (probably his wife), and they were up to cross the highway which is extremely dangerous for both of them. About a few meters away from what the rider saw, he made a U-Turn towards the other side and drove back to the two elderly couple, placing his motorcycle in the middle of the road to block upcoming vehicles from driving straight. He manned the traffic for a moment, signaling other vehicles to halt for a moment soon as the couple are safe and sound oj the other side of the street. He commanded the cars back to continue driving to their destination before he drove back towards his own.

See? It doesn't take much to do simple efforts to be a good citizen of the community. Simple things like helping others with the baggages they were carrying or even assisting an elderly to cross the streets. It's not much, right? More like, GMRC basics and values education application to make a simple change for the people you helped in your own simple ways. Afterall, it is what the basic teachings of our parents and guardians that we ought to forget as we grow older.


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