Saturday, October 8, 2016

TRENDING : Vice Ganda's Sounds Like Jokes " AMBAHO NAMAN DITO AMOY KIKKI "


There should always have fun and creativity in humor, like it's very difficult to make people laugh and there would be times your joke might  be a bit dry for your audience that you would not get the laughter compensation that you'd wanted. As for Vice Ganda, humor can be made everywhere, you should just be creative enough to make jokes out of simple things like product labels.

So apparently, Vice Ganda is touring somewhere abroad where he makes fun of every street sign or establishment name he crosses with in the mall. He had himself video recorded by his friends as he walks past every establishment and tries o make fun of those words like:

"Oh my god! Hindi ko nanaman nag-iisang yung pinto. Naiwan ko nanaman yung 'SUSHI' (susi)."

"OH MY GOD! Ambaho naman dito, amoy 'KIKKI'."

"Dapat pag aalis ka, wag ka masyadong mandala ng gamit, 'SAMBAG' lang."

And those were just some of the jokes he made as he was malling. Apparently, not everyone in the internet world finds his jokes a laughing matter. They heckled Vice that there are some other comedians out there who did a better job on cracking those jokes, like Tells and some. Netizens would comment: "Sya nalang natatawa sa joke nya." Which is pretty harsh as Vice only wanted to deliver fun and humor into the internet world filled with people who are salty or easily offended. Some even pointed out Vice's expression (O.M.G.) that he supposedly uses God's name in vain! What is not understandable is that it is an expression, and his jokes were not even offensive on this video, and still, people always see the flaw on others and has a bad habit of pointing it out in public even if it is offensive for the celebrities.


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