Wednesday, October 5, 2016



Busy streets and heavy traffics are the iconic scenarios most commuters and workers around the Metro often encounter on their everyday lives, and some wanted to save themselves from the burden of riding a public utility vehicle only to be hassled by the rush of people fighting over their seats at MRT and forcibly fitting themselves inside the train like a can of sardines. Some chooses to hire a private car using Uber or GrabCar to lessen the stress, and some goes over the good ol' taxi ride driving along the roads of the city, but in times like this, nowhere is safe anymore and even an unsuspecting cab driver can actually be sheep-skinned wolf who will shed its false skin and devour you. There is always a constant reminder to the public to be cautious in riding taxis, but incidents like the one happened to a guy named JC, is still inevitable. JC, that being said, has been reported at 24 ORAS (local news TV show) recently that he has been dropped-for-dead by the driver of the taxi he rode from Cubao to Anonas. The poor lad has been found in one corner of Chico Street, unconscious and seemingly groggy.

JC said to the authorities that he rode this supposed taxi from Cubao all the way to Anonas to meet up with his friends. He could not remember what has happened inside the taxi but he was definitely sure it was not of a good intention from the driver. He claims that he might be drugged or some sort of chemical (probably chloroform) left him dizzy and groggy when he seemingly fought against the driver for his cellphone before everything faded into black. He was fortunate enough to keep his phone when he was dropped off into a dark alley along the corners of Chico Street that he was able to answer his friends' call half-awake to tell that he is where he has been dropped off. His friends came to rescue and saw JC completely unconsious like a someone who has drank too much alcohol. Few minutes went on before he regained his consciousness only to find himself like a helpless chicken at the corner of the street. He was very sure that the driver intended to rob him of his belongingings but he was fortunate for he was not killed by the driver. JC was not able to tell how the driver looked like nor was he able to check on the plate number of the cab he rode. The driver is still being hunted down by the authorities by tracking down on the possible shots captured by the CCTV cameras. In addition to that, authorities reminded the public once again to be very vigilant and attentive on riding taxis and other types of cabs. Always check on the plate numbers and the name of the operator of the taxi and then send it to friends or relatives to ensure the safety of yourself as a vulnerable victim from incidents like this.


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