Sunday, October 23, 2016

Son Of “PUTO” Vendor Places Second In CPA BOARD EXAM: Here Is His Story of Success


Now is the “harvest year” of good fruits and labor of hardship from education and sooner they would be reaping their success, and many stories now are being told about the labors of parents being paid-off after their children are graduating and not just passing the board, but topping the exams with high grades! Another inspiring story is here where a son of a “puto” vendor ranked second place in CPA board exam.

Kinjames Sarapanan Manalo, a student from COR Jesus College of Digos (CJC) made it into the top ten of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA)  Board Licensure Examination ranking second among the many test-takers—and this is history! Because he was the very first student of the school to achieve such high rank in the board exam! His journey as a student is not easy, and it is what made his story inspiring like many topnotchers.

Manalo is a son of a puto vendor, but regardless of that and not every day is evergreen to them, he was able to achieve an honor as a magna cum laude of their batch (2015) and later on took a one-year review school.

His professor, Edgel Earl Abear, said that Manalo had a potential and he advised for Manalo to take review school for a year. He also mentions that Manalo is that kind of student who is, “Silent, studious, and very humble.”

His parents would also say: “Hilumon kayo, mag sige rag study sa kwarto.” [“Quiet and would always study in the room.”]

Manalo’s educational background is impressive as well; He graduated as a salutatorian in Ruparan Elementary School in 2007 and in Ruparan High School. He then later on became a Benedictine scholar of CJC. Unlike others, Manalo had no luxury or leisure in life other than going to the mall and sit while reading books or reviewing his studies. He is indeed an inspiration for all as he became a topnotcher.

He would always say: “My family is my inspiration. I dream of having my own firm.”


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