Friday, October 7, 2016

Son Makes A Social Experiment To His Mom, This WIll Make You Cry


They say that a mother's love is eternal and unconditional. It cannot be measured by the amount of money or riches n the world. A mother, they say, always remember every little bit of you: your dreams, your favorite food, the things you like and things that interest you most and what you hate, and things that made you cry or broke your heart. A mother always keeps them in the mind and in the heart. Every memory is vividly drawn in her mind from the moment she conceived you until the moment you leave your nest and take your own path. But some say that mothers only care for you when you're young, but soon as you grow up, you will not be taken care of anymore, that's why one guy in Facebook made his own social experiment to see if his mother is still sweet and caring even when he is already a grown man.

He told that the experiment will test if his mother would still clothe him even if he is already a grown man, capable of doing it on his own. He wants to know if his mother is just as sweet as she was when he ws young. So he began by recording himself doing the usual thing inside his room when his mother called up to him outside his bedroom door to tell that his aunt has called. He did a few adlibs before he initiated the test. He told his mother that he would be going to the mall, and asked her if she could clothe him. His mother find it funny at first ad kept on asking why. Eventually, his mother picked up his shirt and wore it to him like he was a little kid, saying, "Eto talagang anak ko parang bata!" as she was helping him get dressed even until into the shorts. She even took a baby powder and sprinkled it all over him to keep him fresh saying very dear words to his son. Then, she began to reminisce the old times and remembered when her son was still a young boy. The scene was very heartwarming as the mother told stories when he was still young, and she said that things have not yet changed much, he was still his dear son and will always be his beloved son. The mother and son hugged each other, to which the man uttered, "I love you mama," and his mother replied, "Syempre naman. Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal din kita anak ko. Ikaw lang nag-iisang anak ko. Mahal kita."

The social experiment was a success and that proves that a mother's love is everlasting. We may not seem to realize it and often we took it for granted that we think our mothers don't give a damn about us, well, they do. Some mothers may not showy towards their children, but they still care. They did not carry you around in their womb for nothing, they did not risk their lives to give birth to you for nothing. A mother's love is pure, and no one in this world can ever love you the same way your mother loves you. People may come and go and be replaced in life, but your mother is the only one, the only woman, whom you can never ever replace in our entire life.


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