Saturday, October 29, 2016

SHOCKING: Jelai Andress Rushed To the Hospital After Break Up With Jon


Jelai Andres’ sister went to facebook to share the status of Andres after break-up with boyfriend Jon Gutierrez AKA King Badger.

Yesterday, Team Jolai fans and followers were updated about the current status of the on-the-rocks relationship of the online couple. It was reported that Gutierrez courted again Andres in her house to win her heart back but she took her revenge by throwing the bouquet of flowers right in front of Gutierrez. After the incident, the couple was reportedly revived their relationship back to normal.

Little did some of their fans know, before the reconciliation, Jelai Andres was rushed to the hospital due to anxiety. According to her sister, Andres’ health deteriorated because she just stayed in her room for days without eating proper meals. Also in her post, she stroked the alleged third party between Team Jolai and advised her not to give intentions to men who are in relationship especially to the boyfriend of her sister because they arean’t just ordinary couple – they are online sensations.
Andres’ sister also shared the reason why she only posted a status on facebook without any photos.

She said that she doesn’t want to replicate the move of the alleged third party. She didn’t mention any name but she indirectly pertaining to Toni Fowler whose suicide attempt photos went viral on Facebook which later gained her more hate than sympathy.


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