Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Precious lara Quigaman Makes PBB Housemate " KISSES " Cry


Spicy words and harsh insults has been thrown inside the Pinoy Big Brother house when the beauty queen, Lara Quigaman, paid a visit on the Day 79 in the iconic house. Badly wounded by words like daggers thrown by the Beauy Queen, Kisses has been victimized by the scrutinizing eyes of Lara who even pointed out that she [Kisses] doesn't seem like she has been joining beauty pageants which was aforementioned by the teen housemate upon the onset of the reality show. Despite the fact that Kisses was prim-and-proper in movements and posture, she did not escape the harsh words of the beauty queen.

"You said sumasali ka ng pageants? It doesn't look like it." said by Lara Quigaman to Kisses. The Miss International 2005 also pointed out by saying harsh words to the housemate regarding her weight and her walk. Kisses told that she has already joined four pageants which did not convince Lara that she has been rallying down the centerstage previously. Fueling more the burning fire the scorched Kisses entirely, Lara even made her look in front of the mirror and taunted her image, saying, "You look a bit chubby. What will you do about it? Where's your strength?"

Why is Lara doing this, per se? According to the beauty queen, she is doing all of these, throwing very harsh words to the housemates especially to Kisses, because she wants the contestants to be strong that no bashing phrases will be le to take the down because in pagants, insults will be flying everywhere.

"I wanna do the lait practice for them to be strong," Lara said. This is for preparatiom for the upcoming PBB pageant to be held inside the Big Brother House.


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