Saturday, October 15, 2016

PARANORMAL : Ghost Caught On Camera


Halloween is fast approaching and spirits start to lurk again here in our world. Some of us can be considered gifted enough to see and sometimes mingle with these spirits, just like this one.
A video posted on youtube has brought chills to most of the netizens while some were left with their eye brows raised. Watch the following video to find out.

The following video was filmed inside the room of a couple using a hidden camera to document any paranormal activity that will transpire when they were asleep. Surprisingly, they caught one.
Before the couple slept, the boyfriend installed a hidden camera equipped with infrared that captures their entire room in the frame. Both of them were sleeping soundly until the expected happened.
At 4:27AM, a paranormal activity was captured. The cabinet opposite to their bed slowly opened. If you ask us, we can say that air or wind caused it to open since the cabinet’s door was designed to open by sliding. Few seconds later, the lamp next to the couple’s bed fell on the ground. Despite the creepy activities, the couple remained sound asleep.

The video was cut few seconds after the paranormal activity was captured. According to the channel that posted the video, the investigation of the paranormal activity is still on process and assured the followers to be posting more records of the activity as it occurs.
Do you think that the couple’s room is haunted?


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