Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Maja Vs Aura Fierce Look. Who Do You Think Does It Better


Maja Salvador and Mcneal “Aura” Briguela shared the camera to show off their fiercest look. Both looked stunning but who do you think nailed the fiercest look?

Facebook page Kapamilya Community posted in their page a short video where Maja and Mcneal projected in front of the camera wearing a fierce look.

Kapamilya actress and dance floor queen Maja Salvador as expected was loved by the camera. Her make-up was done on point where her eyes were very much highlighted through her perfectly done thick and long lashes. Of course, girls won’t be ready to expose themselves to the outside world without eyebrows. For Maja’s case, her eye brows were to die for because they look very natural and again, perfect.

Meanwhile, Mcneal went on cam wearing no make-up but filled this lack with his hairstyle. We think Vice Ganda inspired the look. Although he has no make-up on, still the online star nailed the aura face show off since he’s known to possess projection skills in front of the camera. Not to mention, he didn’t undergo any formal training doing this. What more di ba?

So, who did it better? Well, we will just be leaving the answer to you. After you watch this video, let us know who your pick is by dropping it below.
As of this writing, this video has already reached 5.7K views.


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