Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Maine Mendoza , Wally Bayola Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Video Is Now Trending Online


The Philippines has been widely infected with the worldwide spread of the song, "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" craze which started out in social media and spread like wildfire all over the internet. The non-sensical, melodic song hooked up millions and millions of people all over the world including Filipinos, who cannot seem to get over their last-song-syndrome with the tune of this song.

A lot of versions and parodies had circulated Facebook with social media users recording videos of themselves sings the apple-pen song, and it doesn't escape the eyes of the celebrities into this trend, and that includes Eat Bulaga stars, Wally Bayola and dubsmash queen, Maine Mendoza. The duo performed a cover they made of the crazy song turning it into a acoustic music with Maine, playing the piano and Wally in vocals. Starting out with something serious, we thought that it would be something very heartwarming as Wally mentions that, "We dedicate this song for all the lovers around the globe. That's nice, keep spreading the love!" then Maine started playing the intro where Wally did some adlibs of humming in tune of the instrument. We actually thought it was some sort of love song cover to begin with and we're like, "Oh, something utterly romantic and serious about this two right now," and turns out we were wrong! When Wally sung the first few lines, it turns out that this was another humorous stunt by them, singing the pen-pen song with a twist.

Apparently, we were impressd by the two for the creativity they injected upon this crazy trend lots of people are hooked up into (and we must all admit that sometimes it gets pretty annoying already!). We never actually thought it would be an acoustic version or it would be possible to turn it like that, and yup, Maine Mendoza has got some skills there! This gal is one musical chic indeed. We have watched her perform drums on one of the  Kalyeserye episodes of Eat Bulaga, and turns out she was not just good at drums but in piano as well. She's got some piano skills to showcase indeed!

source: Boompanot


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