Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jessy Mendiola Shares Her Creepy Ghost Encounter


Even celebrities have their own ghost stories to tell that they have encountered somewhere in their lives, and in time for Halloween, Jessy Mendiola shares her own ghost story in PEP entertainment site in YouTube about her spooky encounters with child ghosts in their old house.

    She narrated that when she was around 13-14 years old, she and her sisters would always talk about the ghost child they would always see and hear around their house. She said that they would always hear some laughter of children—inside the bathroom—and sometimes it would play games on them whenever they would be taking a bath. Jessy told that when they were taking a shower, this ghost child would always laugh and play games at them that the lights will always flicker and then they would always feel goosebumps rise on their skin. Apparently she and her sisters share the same stories because they are seeing the same ghost that they would encounter in the same scenario.

Sometimes, she said, that whenever you are taking your bath, the light would suddenly turn off and she would go like: “Dude, what?” she said, then the light would turn on again. One time she told PEP that after she had taken her bath, “Ayos ah, di nagparamdam ngayon ah!” and when she was about to look back into the room to switch the lights off, she saw the girl, seemingly mini-Sadako like in appearance and she was there sitting on the toilet bowl. To her own surprise as well, she shrugged it off like nothing happened and closed the door.

    Another story she shared as a girl ghost as well, in their room, and this one was always crying like really, really loud. They would always ask each other [she and her sister] if they were the ones who were crying because apparently, they would see this ghost and mistaken it for being them, crying. PEP asked Jessy if ever they tried to talk to the ghosts and Jessy said yes, most often when a personal belonging is missing. She said, “Parang sasabihin ko pag may nawawalang gamit, ‘Ilabas mo na yan,’ and then suddenly, bigla nalang lilitaw. [I would always say like, ‘Take it out now, take it out,’ and then suddenly, it would just show off like it was already there for a minute.]”. She said they often address it to the ghost child who loved to play games at them.


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