Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jessy Mendiola Attends APAN Star Awards in Korea " INULAN NG BATIKOS "


F H M's star, Jessy Mendiola, graces the APAN Star Awards 2016 in South Korea. Named as an honorary Korea Ambassador to the Philippines has been privileged for photo-opps of South Korea's biggest and brightest stars like  Choi Jin-woong, Shin Dong-yup, Honey Lee, Chae Jung-an and "Descendants of the Sun" lead actor Song Joong-ki. Jessy also bagged the Best Asia Pacific Star Award and like any other stars there, left her hand print along with other stars like Kim Min-Seok, who was popularly known here forr starring on the hit Koreanovela, "Descendants of the Sun".

Despite being crowned with such awards and gratitudes, Jessy did not escape the cruelty and eyes of haters and bashers in social media. The Star Magic page on Facebook uploaded a live broadcast of Jessy's carpet walk during the awards night wherein she wore a simple but sophisticated black gown with a slit up towards her thigh to show her sexy legs. Walking straight from the entrance, Jessy kept on dusting off and patting some parts of her gown even when the hosts asked her to pose for a picture from the photographers and paparazzis. Feeling somewhat uncomfortable about her look and he wardrobe, she seems to wade off and shy away from the crowd of people and appeared nervous on answering queries from the hosts which she gave responses very timid and limited. Bashers on social media went on pointing out her flaws and how "she did not carry herself well", and gaining remarks such as "you've got no match for Angel Locsin," and "she doesn't deserve to be there", and more of "parang tanga lang, pagpag ng pagpag. Pagpag pa more."

Nevertheless, the actress managed to get through the awards night looking fearlessly confident, mindlessly ignoring the nasty remarks she always get ever since she won the most sexiest in FHM. And to think she also took home an award is a slap for all the haters out there who would not stop bashing and won't get anywhere. They see Jessy rolling, and they just keep on hating but nevertheless, Jessy would keep rolling and rolling and achieving more out of her career. Congrats, Jessy Mendiola! Haters gonna hate after all, but you always do  great job in your own way.


  1. umu-ulan kaya sya pagpag ng pagpag.. tanga lang tong mga haters na to lol.