Thursday, October 13, 2016

Jackie Chan Eyeing the life of President Duterte for His Next Movie . The Truth Revealed


President Duterte and his administration’s supporters were delighted after the news broke about the plan of making a movie inspired by President Duterte and his administration. The said movie will be starred by the none other than Jackie Chan.

The said news was being shared by the unofficial facebook fan page of the President citing the article published by which also cited the source of the news from another wedsite called

 In the article that these websites shared, Jackie Chan has expressed his interest in doing a movie based on the current administration particularly the things that happened in the country for the first 100 days of President Duterte in office. The said movie will be entitled “100 days”.

It was also mentioned that Jackie Chan and his crew will be coming to the country secretly to research more about the current administration’s plans particularly the war in drugs.  Furthermore, they also plan to visit President Duterte’s house to know more about the personal life of the president.
After knowing this great news, we tried to find other supporting articles or news about this at credible websites. Unfortunately, we found out that this news shared for multiple times by President Duterte’s supporters is satirical. No articles were published by credible international news sharing platform about Jackie Chan’s plan of producing a movie inspired by President Duterte.

Although the news was just satire, many are still hoping that someday a movie will be released inspired by President Duterte and his patriotism for our beloved country.


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