Monday, October 17, 2016

High Tech TV, Panasonic Shows Off Invisible Television


Gone were the days of the box-type televisions and TVs that looked like microwave ovens with antennae because yes! The future is finally here!

Panasonic reveals the newest and coolest TV in town at the annual Combined Exhibition of Advance Technologies (CEATEC) in Japan where it would seem like a display glass, flat and stealth for being a television. The first prototype was presented  and launched by Panasonic in the International Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas, USA. They used a newer technology of LED they called OLED which is made to produce crisper image even on bright backgrounds.

The Tv also had a motion gesture control as one of the awesome features of the TV where you can easily switch from different channels or movied ala Tony Stark of Avengers movie. You will feel more like you are one of those actors you see onscreen on those Sci-Fi films when watching and controlling this newest TV innovation.

The OLED display places a fine plastic layer between two electrodes on a glass slab so when you are not watching the TV or it is not plugged to receive signal from electricty, it would remain transparent and incognito. A simple tapping motion can "wake up" the TV and from that you can now operate as you wish.

While some people claim that the recent innovation and advancement will not happen due to the rise of 4K displays. And another sad thing is that it still remains as a prototype design and so it will not be available in the market yet. Maybe in 3-4 years or moreover, we will be enjoying these luxuries in television technologies in the comforts of our home.

So sooner or later, 3D televisions will now move out and be so-yesterday soon as these cool TVs will pave the way on mainstream market. Who knows? There might come the day that our TVs would be like a hologram and astoundingly realistic


  1. I am looking to buy a Television which are in the micro technology. The Television will be working without any remote control.