Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hollywood Star Kylie Jenner Notices The Beautiful Andrea Brillantes


 Who wouldn’t love the glam queen, Kylie Jenner and her lovely eyebrows on fleek and pouting, full lips? Sure she has got a lot of haters on social media, but still this teen makeup-and-style icon and trendsetter is truly the bomb of the Jenner-Kardashian lineage. Equally popular around the world, especially when she released her makeup line, Kylie lip kits, it has been an all-around social status symbol to be able to afford to buy her expensive cosmetic line. Soon after the success of her lip kits, she released a new product line called “Kylie Kyshadow” which is a palette with nine shades and hues for eye makeup. Soon after that, the craze had shaken the world once again and celebrities in the Philippines are thoroughly hooked-up with this cosmetics’ popularity—and that includes the makeup aficionado and Musical.Ly teen queen, Andrea Brillantes, who is truly a fan girl of Kylie and her products.

Recently on Twitter, Andrea was waiting for Kylie to release on her Instagram the new line of the Kylie Kyshadows complete with new shades and hues. Andrea kept on tweeting and tweeting that she cannot hold her excitement for Kylie Jenner to release the new eyeshadow palette, and when the international makeup queen Kylie finally revealed it, Andrea was simply elated and immediately purchased her own Kylie Kyshadow which she posted on twitter with a caption: “Yooo @KylieJenner ‘s new kyshadow palette is THE BOMB!”, and her newly purchased Kyshadow picture captioned: “Finally, after 100000 years! @KylieJenner @kyliecosmetics”.

The teen star, Andrea, was surprised when Kylie Jenner noticed her! She retweeted back to Andrea with a, “OMG YES!” and that two-word statement made Andrea really, really crazy in happiness that she could not contain herself that the pop-culture and makeup icon Kylie noticed her post. The fan girl Andrea was simply but very much happy that her makeup idol has finally noticed her after so many times tweeting and tweeting to her. It was like, hey, it’s not every day that a celebrity icon would notice you right? That is simple worth the remembrance of a screenshot!


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