Friday, October 7, 2016

FUNNY VIDEO : PBB teen Maymay hilariously re-enacts “WAG MO AKONG MAHALIN DAHIL MAHAL KITA…”


On the previous episode of Pinoy Big Brother, Big brother again called the attention of Maymay and asked her if she’s willing to be Enrique Gil’s leading lady but she must first passed a certain test. What was the test? Find out by watching the following video.

PBB Maymay’s day brighten up when Big Brother told his plan of pairing her to Enrique Gil sometime in the future but before that much awaited project, she must first passed Big Brother’s acting test. Maymay suggested that she will re-enact the famous scene in Barcelona: Love Untold where the character of Kathryn Bernado threw the dramatic “Wag mo akong mahalin dahil mahal kita…” to love team Daniel Padilla.

Since Maymay has something to show-off in acting, she gave the dramatic line enough justice. Of Course, Big Brother won’t just settle for just that. He challenged Maymay to re-enact the line with different emotion from horror, comedy, musical, action up to tragic romance.

Honestly, upon watching the acting test given to Maymay, we can say that she certainly nailed everything. There were no moments that she held back but gave her all without over reacting. And we think, the netizens also agree with us.

Most of the dropped comments were full of compliments towards the PBB teen. We won’t be surprise that after this season, Maymay would be kept by the network as one of its budding artists.


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