Monday, October 10, 2016

FUNNY : This Pedicab Driver Bumps Into A Kariton , What Will Happen Next Will Surprise You


The passengers of this pedicab driver were surprised and speechless when the pedicab driver went down from his pedicab and confronted the man pushing a kariton who blocked his way.

If you will be the passenger of this pedicab driver, better prepare yourself and your grammatically correct English so you won’t left speechless when accident happens, just like this one.
A very funny prank was organized by long-time prank show “Wow Mali” that made their victims bled from their nose. The said prank involved English speaking a pedicab driver, kariton vendor and a traffic enforcer. The scenario was uncommon since we are used to conversing with our fellow countrymen with the native language.

The set-up of the prank started when the pedicab driver together with his passenger was driving straight down the street when suddenly a kariton vendor blocked the way. Both bumped each other which led to confrontation and commotion in the area. Surprisingly, both the driver and kariton vendor were very fluent in English which left the passengers speechless.

Moments later, a traffic enforcer came to take-over the situation but much more to the surprise of the passengers, the guard also spoke in English and asked the passengers how the accident transpired. All the victims rode the prank and also answered the traffic enforcer in English.

Better watch out for the reaction and explanation of the passengers and prepare to cry out of laughter.


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