Thursday, October 20, 2016

FUNNY: Kim Domingo , Kris Bernal " BINASTOS SI ALJUR "


Whoever you ask, men cat calling women is not a fun thing to do but if it is done the other way around, would it change your mind?

This skit of GMA’s gag show Bubble Gang is making rounds online for its unusual yet funny content. It is unusual since the act is rarely or maybe not happening in real life. The skit goes with a group of women gathered outside a sari-sari store waiting for men to come and purchase some goods in the store. From there, the women will cat call the man and somewhat violate him.

To name a few, the actresses included in the group were Kris Bernal, Charisse Solomon, Kim Domingo and later will be joined by Wyn-Wyn Marquez. They were dressed with short shorts and sexy outfits to look quite provoking.

The men who fell victims were Aljur Abrenica and Seth Cadayona. They experienced being cat-called and played around by the group of women. There was also a scene where Aljur came back to the sari-sari store with his girlfriend Wyn-Wyn Marquez but in the end didn’t get the rightful revenge that he expected.

Apart from the funny aspect of this skit, this skit was also trying to share one of the heavy battles that women are experiencing now which in real life being in the position of the men in the skit. No matter how many times you invert this skit, the truth that women are always subject to abuse will never change.


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