Sunday, October 9, 2016

Criss Angel's Magic Gone Wrong. Watch The Shocking Video


Magic tricks and illusions are rampant even in early times and still, the world of magic still manage to capture the attention of viewers and spectators in the modern world. Houdini was popular for his "magic boxes" that performs an illusion of "dismembering" a person and then putting them back together in one piece as the person steps out of the box, alive, after being "chopped" in pieces.

Modern day illusionists are still popular tomagicia. Street magicians, up to widely known magicians like David Copperfield, David Blaine, and most especially, Criss Angel. These magicians are very famous for tricking the very eyes of humans and performing supernatural exhibitions beyond human capabilities.

Criss Angel, after being unheard for some time, is back on track on performing illusions and "dismembering" a person in half. There is one popular video of Criss Angel where he allegedly cut an old woman in half and then the upper body dropped on the floor and crawled around without traces of blood or internal organs falling off. He even managed to put his subjects back in after being ripped.

But this time, Criss Angel is back and he was with UFC wrestler, Paige Vanzant. Surrounded by her fellow female wrestlers, Paige lies down on the table as Criss Angel began performing his thing. He said he will rip Paige in half using psychic surgery. He then started to dig down her abdomen, seemingly making a huge hole in half as Paige tries to as if hold the pain. Criss Angel, with blood on hands, starts to separate Paige's upper body from her lower body. Guts and intestines are gushing out and hanging exposed as Paige and other girls inside the room shriek in terror. Criss Angel places his palm on Paige's face and makes her "fall asleep".

Viewers who watched the video footage was puzzled whether it was true or not. Some were even bothered if Paige really died, some claimed it was fake. But rumors or may not be, some said it was some sort of Halloween special where a TV show starring Criss Angel shall be aired. One thing for sure this show shall carry the supernatural vibe this Halloween season and is surely something to look up to!


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