Saturday, October 8, 2016

Baron Geisler Plus Kiko Matos Does The Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Challenge. Watch The Video


After the long, controversial drama and angst against one another that resulted to a brawl in the UFC arena that resulted in a draw and that they eventually became friends and made peace with each other that they sealed with a kiss! Ba-Ki, or Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos, are back once again to shake the internet world with their stage-shows and videos. This time, of course like any other person in the country, are keeping up with the newest trend today, the earworm, PPAP song popularized by a Japanese comedian that went viral for over weeks ago. Kiko and Baron, most likely to be beer-mates right now, sizzlingly covers the song, featuring two hot models, Maria Martinez and Nancy Leonard.

The two plans apparently to upload video trippings together and for their first video, they chose this PPAP cover. The video shows Matos at first, singing the first few lines of the song and completely shirtless, showing off his well-toned abs and muscular body decorsted with a set of tattoos. Despite the manly physique, he was able to inject humor and at the same time the hotness that probably women (and some she-man as well!) would certainly fall for. The two were accompanied in the video with two beautiful and smoking models who are as equally sexy. Apparently, the video somehow reminds us of those Pitbull music videos wherein the singer performs and dances around sexy latina girls dressed in bikini or booty shorts.

The video garnered over a thousand likes, shares and views only for just a day since the time it made its way to "break the internet" like Kim Kardashian! Humorous comments and reactions were given by social media users that ever since they followed this Ba-Ki adventures saga starting from their bar fight until the cage fight up to the kiss that ended it all that resulted to friendship and partnership. Apparently the two seems to be having a good time together and the brawl was so yesterday.


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