Sunday, October 9, 2016

Baron Geisler - Kiko Matos BIGWASAN PART 2 ?


Not so long ago that Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos made noise in the news about their supposed bar fight due to angst of one another. Their brawl ended up on a caged fight that had over a thousand spectators who watched them break knuckles on faces both in live and on Facebook. The much awaited UFC caged fight resulted on a draw that was alleged to be a publicity stunt to which the "issue" ended up on annual tattoo event where the two met up on the arena not for another fight but to "kiss and make up". The two parted ways, once that seemed like unlikely friends, ended up to be beer-mates and has been concocting future projects on recording videos together.

But lately, the two engaged again on an alleged brawl when a video was uploaded of them, wrestling against each other on an empty restaurant. Matos,  being the one to be of more advantage on their fight, beaten up Geisler on the floor. Netizens reacted negatively right away upon watching the video, commenting harsh words as, "they are making a scene again to stay relevant on showbiz." Some even went too personal to say that the two did not have a career anyway, that's why this is one of their desperate attempts to top the news once again and stay relevant on social media. The two had been doing this, probably, of publicity stunt since lately, they have posted a PPAP song cover and they seem to get along really well anyway. Pee-noise comments say that the two were better off wasted and drugged since both of them are bar people and does not matter much to the industry. But regardless of that, the video seemed to be a game of rough-housing by the two and they did not intend much to inflict pain towards each other as they can be seen to be very slow and cautious on their movements.

The video could be a possible recording of them to be a practice for another professional fight in the arena, that we would never know. And for those who say that Geisler and Matos are desperately attempting to stay popular, probably they would not need that as they are already equally famous to scavenge for publicity. Nevertheless, if there would be another fight between the two, surely there would be a bunch of fans who will gather again to witness the Matos-Geisler fight round two.


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