Thursday, September 8, 2016

Young Girl Tries To Wake Her Daddy Up From Coffin "GISING KA NA PAPA "


A very heart breaking video is making rounds online wherein a young girl tries to wake her daddy up from his coffin. Watch the video and prepare to some tissue paper beside you because this will definitely cause you to break down.

 All children are innocent. They don’t know what’s happening around them because all they know is to have fun and spend most of their time with their loved ones. Their world revolves around their parents but what would happen if one day one or both of their parents die?

This video of a little girl without knowing that the days with his father are already counted still tries to wake her father up. The one-minute video is truly heart breaking for those who lost their father when they were young and even to those who just stumble upon this video in their newsfeed.

In the video, the young girl was carried by a loved one to see her father in the coffin. Thinking that her father was just sleeping, she tried to wake him up by telling him to take her to Jollibee and informing him that her mother was wounded. She moved closer to the coffin hoping that her father would hear her voice. After the number of attempts, the little girl got tired and yelled that she felt exhausted already again thinking that this would make his father to rise from his coffin.
As of this writing, this video has reached more than 70K views


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