Saturday, September 17, 2016

Yaya Dub Disguises as "TAONG GRASA ", What She Discovered Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


In a world where the people are consumed with earthly desires and selfishness; in a world where goodness is almost dying, these two people had made a breakthrough to restore faith in humanity. Apparently, Eat Bulaga had staged a segment where Maine Mendoza portrayed a role of a “taong-grasa” and walked along the streets of Baclaran, begging alms to people and food to eat. After a long walk and failed attempts of people to give help to the needy, Maine had found hope from the two men who had helped her and gave her what she would possibly need.

Being a taong-grasa, Maine was very happy for fulfilling her dream role and aside from that fact, she was very elated as well to have meet these two guys who have given her lumpia and taho to eat. She was proud to have these kind of people nowadays who still have a heart for the people who had nothing in life and those who stand on the lowest place on our social strata. Now, Eat Bulaga is now searching for these two good samaritans who shared a food to Maine Mendoza as a taong-grasa so they can be given the ample reward for their good deed in this social experiment that have exposed what the world we’re living now and to say that there are still people who will restore the faith in humanity that is already dying.

Maine is happy that they did not expect this would be a social experiment. Thinking that this is just like any other segments that Eat Bulaga presents, this challenge had resulted on an overall evaluation of Filipinos. Eat Bulaga, again, is now looking for these two men. Given that they have manifested an exemplary attitude. Maine tells the show that apparently while she was walking past a lot of people; students, office workers and such, she was ignored and was just walked right past her like they have not seen anyone. Even when she knocked on car windows, no one responded back, except when she begged on this lumpia vendor, he immediately gave Maine some of his items upon telling him she had not eaten anything yet—and that he gave all for free. Another one gave her some taho, who upon supposedly paying him with the 5-peso coin Maine has that she received from a peanut seller, said that she should just keep the money to her instead and that he gave the taho for free.

The whole thing is just as heartwarming as it is when Maine is telling the story. It just sums up that people who give to the needy is the one who has experienced or doesn’t really have much in life because they know that even when life is tough on their part, they are still blessed than others who doesn’t simply managed to eat a meal at least once a day, and for that, they know how to share the blessings they receive from above.


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