Friday, September 16, 2016

WARNING : Do Not Use Headset While Sleeping


Photos of a man who burned in his sleep went viral online and had become a reminder to people who sleeps with headset on. Scroll down to see the photos.

In the past, this type of incident had already been reported and cycled online. The first victim of such accident was a woman who was found dead and burned on her bed and the reason behind her death was her headset connected to her phone while charging.

Compared to the first reported victim, this recent victim incurred worse burn because the electricity from the socket where his desktop was plugged ran throughout his body. His skin burned and few small bumps can be seen from his body. His body was lying on his own blood which possibly came outfrom his mouth.

It is not new that this kind of accident happens since technological glitches are inevitable but of course, these can be prevented by instilling in our minds the aftermath of doing something that we knew in the first place that it would cause great harm.

That’s why, the next time that you will use your headset make sure that you won’t forget to remove it from your ear.  

These photos have been shared 17K times by the OFW Pinow Facebook page with the caption


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