Tuesday, September 13, 2016

VIDEO : She Was Studying When This Happened "NAGMUMULTONG BAHAY "


This little girl was just busy studying alone in their house when something very creepy happened. Watch the video to know what it is.

Facebook user Liezl Bolina shared on her facebook account the video caught by her daughter proving that something is living with them in their humble home. According to the post, Liezl was startled when her daughter ran to her screaming while she was doing the laundry outside their house. Liezl’s fright escalated when she watched the video of the incident that caused her daughter to ran out from their house.

In the two-minute video, the little girl was peacefully studying inside their house. Few moments later, a ball fell from the stairs which frightened the little girl so much. When she stood up from her seat a great force coming from the right pull her. Brave enough, she tried to go back from the table where she was studying when suddenly it moved few distance away from where it stood. This incident had brought all the fright out from the girl and yelled to her mom and ran out from their house.

Going through the comments, unfortunately, many netizens believed that the video was tampered while few thought that the video was authentic by rewatching it many times.
As of this writing, this scary video has reached more than 100K views.
What can you say about this? Do you think that this video is real?


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