Saturday, September 17, 2016



An uncanny event has been occurring on a supposed sacrament of what seems to be Catholic Church wherein a priest slaps and slams the people who are lined up to get a “blessing” from God and fulfill a sacrament.

While it is known for the Filipino culture for this kind of event with what we call “kumpil” where the priest seems to “banish” evil spirits and demons away from a person, therefore, slaps lightly the believer so as to relieve the supposed “sin” of the person. Apparently, this parish priest seems to be different. While the believers of the church line up altogether to receive the blessing, the priest slaps and slams the poor people, children included, which seems to be below the belt and utterly abusive. The priest pulls the hair, slaps the forehead and nape before he releases the child. Funnily, the believer and people inside doesn’t seem to complain at all, nor the sacristans that are beside him assisting the people in the line. Some tried to shield themselves from the hands of the priest, but he seems to be “passionate” on what he is doing and to add, he seems to be enjoying this kind of thing.
Ironically as well, the church, the Bible to be exact, teaches that we shall not hurt or cause harm to others but this priest does otherwise. While there is a spiritual and cultural barrier that we can never concede with since we perceive things differently afterall, we cannot blame that some people will really go miles for their faith even if the head of their church preaches blind conviction and utterly rude and abusive behavior sometimes. That we cannot blame anyone for it nor the priest himself, but to anyone who would probably watch the video, some might find it funny and some might criticize this behavior exemplified by the priest.

So what can you say about the priest? Do you think he has done what should be done in accordance with the holy scriptures or were he just fooling around? What do you guys think? Go see for yourself.


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